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At the Open Chair Studio (brought to you by ScissorCandy™), we offer a wide variety of hair classes focusing on the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry to help you improve your career. These hair classes accommodate stylists who are just starting out or veterans in the field looking to further hone their craft. We help renew your passion, restore your focus, improve skills, and help each stylist approach hairdressing with the absolute confidence to open the lines of communication with clients and create suitability for each and every individual that takes a seat in your chair.

Hair Classes at Open Chair Studio

ScissorCandy3Hands on Cutting Classes at Open Chair Studio Start as low as $100. Find out more

Hair cutting classes, hair classes, look and learn , Open Chair studio

Look & Learn Hair Classes start as low as $25. These classes are thought by local and national artist. Up Coming classes.

RichNick_studio-8Open Chair Studio rental starts at $400 for the day. Find Out more here 

The Open Chair Studio is located in Downtown Philadelphia, just blocks from Rittenhouse Square. This central location has a great amount of diversity, allowing us to attain great models for hair classes to help with the technical training stylists need to excel in the hair industry. Also nearby is first class shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and hotels for your enjoyment while in town. Public transportation is also easily accessible to and from the studio.